GPSC Class 1& 2 Answer Key 2018 (Held on 21/10/2018)

GPSC Class 1 and 2 Solved Question Paper and Answer Key 2018, Gujarat Administrative Service Class-1 & Gujarat Civil Service Class- 172, Gujarat Municipal Chief Officer Service, Class – 2 Solved Question Paper Download – Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) has successfully completed written exam for the GPSC Class-1 &2 posts on 21st Oct 2018. Candidates who have appeared in the exam they all are waiting for solved question paper to estimate the score of marks. Here I am sharing Answer Key and Solved Question Paper 2018.

GPSC Class 1& 2 Answer Key 2018 (Held on 21/10/2018)

GPSC Class 1& 2 Answer Key 2018 (Held on 21/10/2018) (Answers will be updated soon)

  1. Kutchhi language is a mix of which two languages?
  2. The first theatre group of Gujarat, Parsee Natak Mandali was founded by?
  3. Shaheed Bhagat Singh was a part of which of the following organization?
  4. Saptayatanstyle temple is located at ……… Gujarat?
  5. Who among the following was awarded sangeet Natak Akademy Award (New Delhi) for stage direction?
  6. Swami Haridas is famous for his devotional composition in… style?
  7. Rural Olympics was organized at .. in India?
  8. Sarth Gujarati Jodanikosh is published by?
  9. Which of the following lyric(s) is (are) written by Jhaverchand Meghani?
  10. The local artisans of … district has mastered the kamangari Art (A form of Fresco)
  11. Which of the following statement is correct and indicates the existence of Buddhism in Gujarat?
  12. Ra-Lakha folklore refers to the king of?
  13. Prag-Mahal in kutch is built in….architectural style?
  14. Hindola Raga, the miniature painting depicts which of the following God and Goddess?
  15. Aditya Ram, state musician of state musician of princely state … popularized the singing style of Chaturanga variant of Drupad?
  16. Who is the artist of Banyan the identity sculpture of Vadodara?
  17. ……. Is a famous Jain monk for miniature painting of 14th century?
  18. Which of the following deity is depicted in Yogasana posture on Indus Seal?
  19. Kishangarh School of Rajasthan is famous for?
  20. Pandavani is a traditional dance | drama| theatre of which one of the following states?
  21. Dada Wav (Stepwell|baoli) is located at?
  22. The walls of Nagara style temples are known as?
  23. The first female graduate of Gujarat is?
  24. The mansions (Havelis) of Gujarat are influenced by?
  25. Famous Gujarati play Santu Rangili is inspired from an English play?
  26. The luricist of a song “Dhanvan Jeeven Mane chhe Koi Anubhavine Poochhi Jo Ke Kon Jeevi Jane Chhe” of Gujarat Theatre is?
  27. … situated at a confluence of rivers- Kapila, Saraswathi and Haryana?
  28. Doobla people celebrate their festival …….by making big doll?
  29. Renowned film musician Jaikishan was born in?
  30.  Hathee Singh Jain Temple is dedicated to …. Tirthankara?
  31. Popularly sung at Navratri festival and weddings in Gujarat, Sanedo has originated from?
  32. ……. Is not a folk dance from Gujarat Gabra?
  33. Jaykumari-Vijay, a play written by……. Is considered as the first modern love story of Gujarati Literature.?
  34. Which of the temples are located on Girnar Mountain?
  35. Natak Bhajavata- A book on theatre critician is written by?
  36. ….. Has translated Uncle Vanya by Anoton Chekhov into Gujarati as Vanya Mama?
  37. Whose court physician was Charak?
  38. The Mandsaur Inscription and Indore copper plate of Skanda Gupta suggest that?
  39. Navanitakam of the Gupta period was a book on?
  40. ….. is the philosophy of Vallabhacharya?
  41. ……. – an Indian revolutionary couldn’t be imprisoned in the kakori Robbery Case?
  42. …… - a Ghadarite leader referred to the Mexican revolutionaries as the Mexican Ghadarites?
  43. What is kalaripayattu according to India’s culture and tradition?
  44. Film Reva is adpted from a Gujarati novel titled?
  45. Where among the following was the first “Praja Mandal” was set up?
  46. “Police Action” against …….. princely state was titled as Operation Polo
  47. The Travancore Rebellion in 1809 was led by its Diwan?
  48. The Treaty of Amritsar (1809)was an agreement between Ranjit Singh and?