TS Constable Answer Key Paper 2018, Eenadu, Sakshi Constable Answer Key 2018

TSLPRB PC Answer Key held on 30th Sep 2018, TS PC Key Paper 2018, Eenadu PC Key Paper 2018, Sakshi Education PC Answer Key Download – Telangana State Level Police Recruitment Board has successfully completed Preliminary Exam on 30th Sep 2018. A Huge number of aspirants have appeared in the written exam. Now they all are waiting for solved question paper to determine Solutions and score of marks. Official answer key not yet updated, but eenadu or sakshi will update answer key soon.

TS Constable Answer Key Paper 2018, Eenadu, Sakshi Constable Answer Key 2018

TSLPRB Constable Preliminary Answer Key Paper 2018

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 which of the combinations represent human blood?

 the process of growing different types of crops in the same field in sequential  Seasons is called as crop rotation. one of the following aspects is not correct with crop rotation?

 the ecological pyramid shows the number energy or Biomass at each trophic level pyramids are upright, however,  one of the following pyramids is inverted.  identify.?

Quinine,  the drug used for Malaria treatment is obtained from this plant?

 which one of the following is used in fireworks?

 acid rain is caused by the presence of oxides of X and Y in air,  X and Y are respectively.

 the solution having basic Character from the following are?

 natural rubber is a polymer of?

 which of the following are poor conductors of heat?

For whom Tilak up acknowledged as his political Guru?

 the popular folk dance of Maharashtra is known as?

The Nagara, The Dravida and the Vesare are?

Which text describes "A daughter has been as a source of misery" and only son can be savior of the Family?

Many earliest Buddhist sources mentioned about six Mahanagaras of North India. They are?

The sailendra Rulers of Sri Vijaya Empire established two monasteries in India, Where were they located?

T- Hub is Indias largest incubator for start-ups and a unique public-private partnership between?

Which of the following are included in "Abiotic Environment"?

Which of the following are guaranteed by the Constitution of India?

Examine the following Statements with regard to Telangana State Panchayati Raj Act, 2018

The Grand banks and Dogger Banks are famous for?

"Milpa" a type of cultivation in Mesoamerica in known as?

World's deepest oceanic trench is?