PSSSB Election Kanungo Answer Key 2018 (Held on 16/09/2018) & Question Paper PDF
PSSSB Election Kanungo Solved Question Paper 2018, PSSSB Election Kanungo Answer Key 2018, Election Kanungo 16th Sep 2018 Question Paper Download – Subordinate Service Selection Board, Punjab (PSSSB) has successfully completed written exam for the posts of 30 Election Kanungo. Candidates who have finished Election Kanungo examination they all are eagerly waiting for solutions to estimate the score of marks. Official answer key will be available soon on its official site.

Election Kanungo Answer Key 2018 and Question Paper

PSSSB Election Kanungo Answer Key and Solved Question Paper 2018-09-16

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General Knowledge Questions Asked in the Election Kanungo Exam 2018

  1. Where did Guru Nanak Dev finally settle down? - kartarpur
  2. When was Guru Tegh Bahadur executed? - AD 1675
  3. Identify the leader of the Dal Khalsa? - Jassa Singh
  4. When Ranjit Singh was declared the Maharajah of Punjab? - AD 1801
  5. Who was appointed the President of the Board of Administration in Punjab? - Henry Lawrence
  6. Who is Associated with the Agrarian Unrest of 1907 in the Punjab? - Sardar ajit Singh
  7. Who was Karter Singh Sarabha? - Ghadarite
  8. Who was the last Premier of the United Punjab?- Khizar Hayat Khan
  9. The Gandhara art flourished in the region of? - 
  10. Puran Bhagat belonged to the region of? - Sialkot
  11. Jhumar dance is popular in the region of? - Sandal Bar
  12. Kikali dance is associated with? - Girls
  13. The Patiala Gharana is associated with? - Music
  14. Teeyan is a festival of? - Rainy Season
  15. Lunar Eclipse occurs when?- Earth is between sun and moon
  16. Hirakund dam is located on the river? - Mahanadi
  17. The total number of ear bones in human are? - Three
  18. Due to consumption of polished rice in their main diet, people suffer from? - Osteomalacia
  19. Which of the following is the capital of Canada? - Ottawa
  20. Which of the following gasses is inside an electric bulb? - Nitrogen
  21. “Gobar Gas” contains mainly? - Methen
  22. Cotton fibre is obtained from the? - Stem
  23. The tropic of Cancer does not pass through which of the following states? - Maharashtra
  24. Vajra Prahar is joint military exercise of India and?- united states of America
  25. “Follow-on” is the term associated with which of the following sports? - Cricket
  26. The lamarkian theory of organic evolution is known as the theory of? - Inheritance of acquired characters
  27. The universal recipient Blood Group is? -AB
  28. Which of the following glands is not an Endocrine Gland? - Sweat Gland
  29. The process of coating iron pipes with layer of Zinc to prevent corrosion is termed as? - Galvanization
  30. Where and when were the first Asian Games held? - New Delhi 1951
  31. The period of revolution of a geostationary satellite is? - It remains stationary
  32. What is the motto of 18th Asian Games? - Energy of asia
  33. The age of retirement of Supreme Court Judge is? - 65 years
  34. Who amongs the following was known as Punjab Kesari? - lala lajpati ray
  35. Who becomes first Indian women cricketer to score 2000 runs in T-20 international matches? - mithali raj
  36. Which schedule lists the languages of India recognized by the Indian Constitution? - eight schedule
  37. Where is Mariana Trench located? - pacific ocean
  38. The 8th BRICS Health Minister’s meeting was held in which country? - South Africa
  39. On which among the following courts, Wimbledon championship is played? - grass court
  40. The Mahabharata epic includes the Indus River as? - First river
  41. The Lehndi dialect of the Punjab is situated in the region of?
  42. The Harappan weapons were not made of? - Iron
  43. In the Rigveda, the Satlej river is known as? - Shutudri
  44. The Greek King Menander established his capital at? - Sailkot
  45. The Hindushahi King Jaipala fought against? - Mahmud Ghazni
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