Kerala PSC Junior Lab Assistant Answer Key Paper - Held on 07/07/2018

Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) has successfully completed written exam for the posts of Junior Lab Assistant (JLA). Candidates who have appeared they all are waiting for Solved Question Paper and Answer Key to estimate the score of marks. Official answer key not yet updated, but some educational institutions have released the expected answer key. Here i am sharing KPSC Junior Lab Assistant Answer Key with Question Paper in PDF format.

Kerala PSC Junior Lab Assistant Answer Key PDF Held on 07/07/2018 and Question Paper

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  • Name of the Exam: Junior Lab Assistant
  • Exam Held on: 07/07/2108
  • Exam Board: Kerala PSC
  • Category: Answer key and Question Paper

Questions asked in KPSC Junior Lab Assistant (7th July 2018)

JLA QuestionsAnswers
Identify a renal function test from the following testBlood Urea
The accurate method for estimation of haemoglobin isSahils Method
Solidifying agent used for preparation of solid culture media is Post prandial blood sugar ppbs saple is taken
Round shaped bacteria are calledCocci
Normal value of bleeding time by Dukes method is2-6 minutes
The dilution that can be made using RBC peppet is1/200
Major plasma protein isGlobulin
leucocytosis is seen inLeukemia
Which blood group is known as universal Donor?O Group
Staining method used in cytology isPapanicolou staining
Temperature using for storing blood in blood blank refrigerator is?4-6 Degree Celsius
Which of the following step is not included in tissue processing?Oxidation
Length of an ideal blood samear is?3-4 cm
Gmelin's test is used for detecting which of the following compound in urineBile pigment
vdrl test for detecting which of the following diseaseSyphilis
Normal platelet count is1.5 - 4.5 lakhs
Which of the following compound is normal constituent of urineUrea
Colour code used for EDTA anticoagulant bottlesPurple
Commonly used fixative in hospitality is10% formalin
In leishman's staining fixation is done by?Eosin
Which of the following test is included in IMViC REACTION testCitrate Test
Which of the following and anticoagulant is also known as Versene?EDTA
Volume of acd solution used to collect 100ml of blood is?
Automatic tissue processing machine is calledHistokinete
Which white blood V violet coloured granules after leishman's stainingNeutrophils
meliturea refers to the presence ofSugar in Urine
Cob-web appearance of csf is seen in?Tubercular meningitis
hyponatremia is the term used to denote?Low Sodium level in blood
Method used for the estimation of total protein in blood isBiuret method
The test used to detect CSF protein isPandy's test
Area of an improved neubauer counting chamber is3mm square
Autoclave example of which of the following methods of sterilizationMost heat method
erythropoiesis is the development ofRed blood cells
Colony colour of lactose bacteria on macconkey agar?Pink
Father of microbiology isLouis Pasteur
Van den bergh reaction is used for estimation ofSerum Bilirubin
Which of the following is a natural anticoagulantHeparin
The ideal time for collecting blood sample for detection of filarial is10 pm- 2am
Which of the following is an example of an enrichment mediaMacConkey agar
which of the following antibody can cross the placenta?lg G
which of the following is easy rbc diluting fluidTuerk's Fluid
bacteria which require oxygen for their growth isAerobic Bacteria
Who discovered abo blood group systemKarl Landsteiner
Which of the following is not a Romanowski stain?Crystal Violet
The cell present in normal CSFNeutrophils
staining Method used for detecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis is?Zeihl-Neelsen's staining
Urinometer is used to measure which of the following property of urineSpecific gravity
Sound waves travel fastest throughSolid
Light can pass along the optical fibre by mechanismTotal internal reflection
Heat radiations lie in theInfra-red region
Laws of electromagnetic induction was developed byFaraday
No magnetic flux lines passes throughParamagnetic material
Lens used to correct short sight of an eyeConcave lens
Among basis, forces exist in nature the weakest isGravitational force
Unit of power isWatt
One method to remove temporary hardness isClark's method
The group of element which does not belong to dobereiner triads is(C, Si, Ge)
Name the Crystal system in which all the sides and all the angles are differentTriclinic
Artificial graphite is prepared byAcheson's process
kaolinite is the ore ofAluminium
Among the following which is not an interhalogen compoundFBr3
Two Electrons in the same atomic orbital is distinguished by their?Spin quantum number
Which of the following spaces have minimum sizeAl3+
Excretory organ in insect inMalpigian tubules
Identify the five carbon compoundRUBP
Canary cross experiment related hormoneAuxin
Joint between Atlas and axisPivot Joint
downs syndrome is related toTrisomy
Biological glue isLigase
Other than Greenhouse gasNH4
Basic unit of classification isSpecies
Large empty cells found in the adaxial epidermis in grassesBulliform cell
Diabetes insipidus is caused due to?Hyposecretion of ADH
The main chemical in air pollution that causes acid rainSulphur dioxide and Nitrogen
Percentage of alluvial soil in india?43%
The food for work programme was later renamed asNREP
The chairman of the committee Innovation and Entrepreneurship set up by Niti AyogTarun Khanna
The river that originates in the anaimudi hills, flowing to tamil nadu?Bhavani
Purna Swaraj declared by Indian National Congress atLahore Session
An organisation formed by vagbhadanantha to fight against caste system and ideal worshipAthmavidya Sangam
The Organisation established by Abdul Khader moulavi for the social upliftment of Muslim society in KeralaTravancore Muslim Mahasabha
Name the combined operation of Navy army and Airforce to rescue the okhi victimsOperation Synergy
The play of VT bhattathiripad which brought about Revolutionary changes in the Brahmin societyAdukkalayil ninnu Arangathekku
kp ramanunni bagged the Kendra Sahitya Academy for his workDaivathinte Pustakam
Parent department of national disaster management authority abbreviated ndmaMinistry of Home Affairs
panchayatiraj system of local self government is incorporated inThe Directive Principles of the State Policy
International migration Day by Uni Mausam drama Doraemon bed todayted Nations department of economic and social affairs observed onDecember 18
Name of the capital city through which of the equator passesQuito
Author of the worker the other side of silence which deals with is during the partition of IndiaUrvasi Butalia
The reformer who organised movement against the restriction of using ornaments by the untouchablesAyyankli
The place known as the Gateway to keralaPalakkad

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