TNPSC Group 4 Answer Key Paper 2018 & Solved Question Paper 2018 PDF

TNPSC VAO Answer Key 2018, TNPSC VAO Solved Question Paper 2018 Download PDF, TNPSC Group 4 Question Paper 2018 held on 11/02/2018, TNPSC VAO 11/02/2018 Question Paper and Key Rajaji Academy, WeShine Academy, Aasean Vikas Academy 2018 – Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) has successfully completed written exam on 11.02.2018 various centers in Tamil Nadu. Candidates who are appeared in the competitive exam they all are searching for solved question paper to estimate score and cut off marks. Here you can download Answer Key of TNPSC VAO and Question Paper in PDF format.

TNPSC Group 4 Answer Key Paper 2018 & Solved Question Paper 2018 PDF

TNPSC Group 4 Answer Key 2018 and Solved Question Paper

Below are the general knowledge questions asked in VAO exam

  • Which city received India's first UNESCO Heritage City certificate in September 2017
  • Who has won India's 46th Grandmaster chess champion tournament 2017
  • Which state government has launched  Gyankunj e-class project?
  • The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and ICMR lunched IHMI on  November 28 2007, what does IHMI stands for
  • Agricultural productivity can be measured in terms of
  • The recently conducted in the Maldives joint military exercises was called as
  • India lacks a strong backhaul to get transition to 5G within September 2017 backhaul is a network
  • The angel is a semicircle is a
  • The rulers of Bhopal ShaJehan Begum and Sultan jehan Begum provided monetary support for the preservation of the ancient site
  • Farid was the original name of
  • Operation Ice Bridge is associated with
  • Identify the organization inaugurated on October 2017 at New Delhi by Prime Minister of India
  • Find the correct relationship between gcd and LCM
  • Which commission sets of international food standards
  • Supply is constant in
  • What are the Chemicals present in matchstick
  • Identify the odd person out of the following
  • If the product of 4 consecutive terms in GP is 625 find the first term
  • Gain or loss percentage calculator on
  • World forest day is celebrated on
  • Entrepreneurship development programme is associated with
  • Which of the following device Ahmedabad flights with them into electrical and electronics signals
  • Man sitting in the revolving chair with  stretched hands suddenly band his hands' angular velocity
  • In which article make provision for the appointment of law officer the Attorney General by president of India
  • The Government of India introduced the rights to education on
  • When was the legal service authority act Lok Adalat passed on
  • New agricultural price Policy was announced in the year
  • The birth of economics of education was announced by
  • National Integration Day celebrated in
  • The writer of novel Sukam Sukam who has been chosen for the Vyas Samman 2017 is 
  • The recommendations of 15th finance commission will be effect from which date
  • Who among the following has been appointed as a Deputy Director General for the program of World Health Organisation
  • In order to encourage the powerloom sector and help small industries and joint venture launched by the Ministry powerloom and Textiles in 2017 is called
  • Find the name of the ruler who gave Pondicherry to French
  • Shivaji God himself coronated at
  • The construction of Qutub Minar was started by
  • The theme of the world special week celebrated from 4th October 2017 to 10th October 2017 is
  • Who among the following women Boxers was declared best boxer of the meet during the world youth boxing Championship held in Gauhati in 2017
  • Which class of algae is used in the manufacture of dynamite
  • Which is an example for chemosynthetic heterotroph
  • The article of the constitution provides for a vice president
  • Which Tamilnadu State Highway among these was not upgraded as national highways in November 2017
  • Where was the fourth world Tamil economic conference held
  • Which is the first Indian city to get its own logo
  • The founder of scientific socialism
  • The Tamilnadu which year TNEB was established on the basis of EB act OF 1948
  • Which monument depicted the similarity between prakoy literature and Dravida literature
  • Manchanda floriculture Centre started recently under the Indo Israel joint agreement on agriculture project
  • The planning commission in India is now known as
  • How many solutions have a linear in one variable
  • In which one describes the social conditions of the Sangam Tamils

TNPSC CCSE Group 4 VAO Answer Key 2018 (Rajaji Academy)