TSPSC FRO Paper III Answer Key 2017 General Awareness Paper-I Solved Question Paper

TS Forest Ranger Officer (FRO) Paper-3 Answer Key 2017, TS FRO Paper-III Answer key 2017 Download, TS FRO Paper-I Answer Key Download – Telangana Public Service Commission (TSPSC) has successfully completed written exam for Forest Ranger Officer exam on 11th & 12th November 2017, Lot of candidates have appeared in the written exam to get a job. Now they all searching for answer key of FRO 2017.

Official answer key not yet released, but some educational institutions will be released guess key paper like eenadu, saksu education and etc...
Below you can download answer key of TS FRO Key 2017

TS FRO Key Paper 2017 eenadu, sakshi education 2017

TS FRO Answer Key 2017 Download

Below are general awareness questions asked in FRO exam 2017 held on 12th Novmber, 2017

  • Who was mainly associated with Telangana Information trust from among the following?
  • The krishi vikas yojana of the government of india envisages the development of the following in india?
  • What was the popular name for Telangana March held on September 30, 2012?
  • What is the duration of zero hour?
  • Between 15th august, 1947 and 26th January 1950, the government of india functioned under the provisions of ?
  • Consider the following statements related to pradhan mantra suraksha bima yojana 
  • (PMSBY)?
  • The 86th constitutional amendment bill deals with?
  • As per the data provided in the hand book on telangana at a glanee-2017 the literacy ratye among sts in telangana is?
  • [8:57 PM, 11/12/2017] +91 81795 40987: The Government of India approved a new scheme for housing call housing for all by 2022 in June 2015 Ahmed at urban areas which one the following is not correct  future of IT
  • Which among the following is popularly known as Sri parvatham
  • During the early Telangana movement period 1969 the cine Hero Kathi Kantha rao produced which of the following films
  • The name used in inscriptions bodhan by kings was
  • Which of the following explanation for the term Basti is correct
  • Which construction of Hyderabad among the following was completed by Mughal emperor Aurangazeb
  • Which river has another name of Televaha
  • The first literary work sahaja with comprehensive features vrushadhipa sathakam was written by
  • The Telangana state government has started a scheme for yadavas and rumours to setup sheep units with subsidy of
  • The popular sea port that was used for Overseas trade during Kakatiya period
  • The  the word gadi (fort) derived from
  • Venkat rao khadkekar was popularly known as
  • The Telangana in 2015 Telangana Ku Haritha haram was launched aiming at planting nearly
  • Telangana drinking water supply project will provide drinking water to the population living in about
  • The aim of the mission bhagiratha is provide clean drinking water in rural and urban households in Telangana at
  • From among the following the participation of women in public life is very high in
  • Which one of the following hurricanes have hit Puerto Rico in September 2017
  • International year of Sustainable Tourism for development was /is celebrated in
  • Who has won the Korean open super women's title on September 17 2017
  • The UN economic and social Council of Asia and Pacific ESCAP survey on June 12 2017 projects India's economic growth for 2017 and 18 at
  • Indore 62nd Filmfare Awards which of the following films got best film award
  • The chief guest of the official ceremony of Republic Day in 2017
  • Which city is ranked as a best city in Indian in living standards by Mercer's quality of life index ranking in 2017
  • The theme of the International Day of girl child 2017 is
  • Which of the following Indian Institution rankin 9 IX public research Institution of the world according to the scimago  Institutions ranking report 2017
  • What was the percentage of the total cultivators of Telangana who are in indebtendness as per the all india debt and investment survey by national sample survey 70th round
  • Who was the director general of National Investigation Agency India
  • Who is nominated by the BCCI of Padma Bhushan Award in September 2017
  • The grass date value added GS way from the agriculture and allied
  •  sectors in Telangana state in 2015-16 in current prices register a growth of
  • Wilson's 14 points enunciated at
  • How many satellites were launched by ISRO on 15 February 2017
  • In 1971 India signed 20 year Treaty of peace friendship and cooperation with
  • Weapons of mass destruction include
  • Who said that Simla agreement between India and Pakistan
  • The bretton woods conference of July 1944 paved the way for the establishment of
  • Which of the following Polymers is used as an insulator to make conveyor belts and in printing rollers
  • Dalli - Tangata region , known for iron ore deposits located at in
  • What was the present of forest area out of total geographical area in Telangana state for the year of 2014 - 15
  • Kundankulam is an
  • Ranigaidinulu who fought against the British was from
  • Male female literacy gap in Telangana is more than
  • The sex ratio is more than 1000 in which erstwhile districts of Telangana
  • Gross area irrigated was the lowest in 2015-16 in Telangana under
  • The budget of Telangana government at present is not having
  • Jainism experience highest Glory in Telangana during the period of
  • Consider the following in relation to the works of Padma Maha kavi
  • Where was saleshwaram Rock inscription found
  • Which committee was formed after all party meeting to calculate Telangana surpluses

Answer Key Paper of TS FRO will be updated soon

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